Flo Dupuy from San Francisco says:

“I loved how Charlotte explained every subject we tackled in a very clear fashion, going straight to the point, and always reinforcing her point with real life examples.”

Nicola Harnett from Brisbane says:

“Charlotte interacts really well with the dogs and their owners and was very attentive when teaching me, answering all my questions with ease.”

Putra from Melbourne says:

"Whether you're a beginner or an expert, a mentoring session with Charlotte is a must. It will save you years of self-learning experience."

Mel Murzecki from Hobart says:

"With all her years in the pet photography industry, Charlotte is a wealth of knowledge and more than happy to share her knowledge and personal experiences with you."

Charlotte Reeves says:

“I get a real kick out of finding the best way to relate to and communicate with my students.”

Nicola Harnett from Brisbane says:

“Charlotte is an excellent teacher, very professional and she obviously loves what she does.”


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I’ve been working as a professional pet photographer through my business Charlotte Reeves Photography on the Gold Coast and now in Brisbane, Australia, since 2007.

Passing on all the knowledge I’ve gained over years of photographing pets professionally while helping people achieve their pet photography aims with fun, practical positive outcomes, is something I truly love and enjoy. I’ve been teaching pet photography since 2013.

I get a real kick out of finding the best way to communicate and explain tricky concepts in simple ways. I may have developed somewhat of an addiction to lightbulb moments!

You can read my full bio on my pet photography business website, plus feel free to add me to your social circles.

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