Guides to natural light, on-location dog photography

Which dog photography e-book is right for you?

I always recommend people start with Fetching Photos as this is more of a complete guide to photographing dogs, including a wide range of topics from interacting and communicating with dogs, thorough to running a dog photography session from start to finish.

If you’re a little more experienced and are looking for inspiration and ideas to help create more range and interest in your dog photography sessions, my second e-book Dog Shots will be a good option for you.

Or you can grab them both in the bundle!

It was great to find dedicated pet photography learning materials of such great quality.

Charlotte generously shares her technical and creative knowledge of natural light dog photography in “Fetching Photos”. Written in a simple, logical way this ebook includes everything from fundamentals of photography, animal behaviour management tips, to tips to finding you own signature style for photography. This is a valuable go-to resource for any aspiring dog photographer.

Once the fundamentals have been covered by “Fetching Photos” Charlotte then offers “Dog Shots”, an incredible guide to 30 different “recipes” to value add to any pet photographers repertoire. Charlotte steps through the technical and creative knowledge to allow you to expand your dog photographer’s portfolio and take your interests to a new level, whether for rescue animals or a pet photography business.

- Angie Shearn

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