Pet Photography Mentoring

One-on-one in-person shooting and editing pet photography mentoring.

Flo Dupuy from San Francisco says:

“I loved how Charlotte explained every subject we tackled in a very clear fashion, going straight to the point, and always reinforcing her point with real life examples.”

Nicola Harnett from Brisbane says:

“Charlotte interacts really well with the dogs and their owners and was very attentive when teaching me, answering all my questions with ease.”

Putra from Melbourne says:

"Whether you're a beginner or an expert, a mentoring session with Charlotte is a must. It will save you years of self-learning experience."

Mel Murzecki from Hobart says:

"With all her years in the pet photography industry, Charlotte is a wealth of knowledge and more than happy to share her knowledge and personal experiences with you."

Charlotte Reeves says:

“I get a real kick out of finding the best way to relate to and communicate with my students.”

Nicola Harnett from Brisbane says:

“Charlotte is an excellent teacher, very professional and she obviously loves what she does.”

Important Notice

Please check my availability calendar on my Charlotte Reeves Photography website for availability for in-person mentoring.

I am currently fully booked for in-person mentoring until November 2017.

Do you learn most effectively by doing?

One-on-one pet photography mentoring with Charlotte Reeves might be the best solution for you. Mentoring sessions are suitable for:
Photography students looking for experience in working with pets

Keen amateurs or photography enthusiasts looking to take better photos of their own dogs

People volunteering with rescue organisations or at shelters, photographing adoptable dogs

Professional portrait photographers wanting to add pet photography to their existing sessions

Start-up or aspiring professional pet photographers

Please note: Pet photography mentoring is not available to existing professional photographers or those intending to start a photography business who are located in south-east Queensland, including but not limited to Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Mentoring is also not available to those who offer mentoring or teaching in pet photography, or intend to start in the future.

What they’re saying…

  • Diane Costello, San Francisco

    "Charlotte is a very seasoned pet photographer. She knows her light and is not afraid to use it! I had a wonderful time working with Charlotte and came away from our session feeling inspired and motivated!

    "Thank you Charlotte for a wonderful afternoon!"

  • Shannon Hill, Melbourne

    "I would recommend Charlotte not only as a pet photographer but as a mentor as well. Charlotte was very open with her teaching, extremely knowledgeable and inspiring. I travelled from Melbourne for a few mentoring sessions and it was well worth the travel. Looking forward to working with Charlotte in the future."

  • Nicola Harnett, Brisbane

    "Charlotte is an excellent teacher, very professional and obviously loves what she does. She interacts really well with the dogs and their owners and was very attentive when teaching me and answered all my questions with ease. I feel so much more confident now than I did before the session - thanks!"

Possible mentoring session topics can include:

Shooting Topics

What better way to gain practical real-life experience than a mock client shoot with me as your personal tutor! Our canine subject is usually sourced from my model database and will have a good level of obedience, allowing you to concentrate on getting the best shots possible. If you’re more advanced, we can take on a more challenging subject.

What we manage to cover will depend on your existing skill level, but there’ll be no holds barred from my end. Prepare to be saturated with knowledge, skills, tips and techniques to give your pet photography a massive kick-start!

  • Introduction to the dog and assessment of personality and obedience level – learn the best questions to ask to get the information you need
  • Communication with the owner – a very important part of the process!
  • Evaluation of the location and coming up with a rough, flexible shooting plan
  • Camera setup and lens selection for various shot styles
  • Exposure modes – aperture and shutter speed priority, manual
  • Focusing modes and techniques
  • Finding the best light and learning how to make it work for you
  • Shooting action – obtaining sharp, stunning images of dogs in motion
  • Techniques and tips for working with dogs on and off leash
  • Creating variety and interest within a session

You’ll need:

  • Digital SLR camera and at least one lens (prefer at least two to cover wide angle to telephoto focal lengths)
  • A good level of fitness and no health issues that would affect the session
  • A keen interest in photographing dogs and a positive attitude!

Editing Topics

Editing goes hand in hand with shooting – I always shoot with the end result in mind. We’ll usually concentrate on editing the shots we’ve taking during the shooting component of your mentoring session, but we can also go over any issues you are currently having.

The editing is usually held at my consult room in Auchenflower but might sometimes take places in a local café – it depends where we shoot. We download all your images onto your laptop, discuss file management and workflow practices, then get into the fun stuff!

I’ll take you through how to choose your best shots to edit to perfection, making them the best they can be.

  • Importing, file management and workflow in Adobe Lightroom
  • Quick (and brutal!) image culling techniques and how to select your best shots
  • Basic to advanced image adjustments in Adobe Lightroom
  • Leash removal and final finishing in Adobe Photoshop
  • Advanced Photoshop techniques such as object removal and head swaps
  • Colour cast and white balance correction techniques
  • Creating your own time-saving Actions and Presets
  • Watermarking and optimising for the web
  • Preparing images for print

You’ll need:

  • A laptop with recent versions of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop installed
  • Memory card reader or cable to connect camera and download images
  • Notepad, recording device or note taking app

  • Online Mentoring
  • AU$150Per Hour
    • Online mentoring via Skype
    • Can be done from anywhere in the world
    • Charged at $150 for the first hour, then $100 per additional hour, billed in 15 minute blocks
    • Requires a fast internet connection and a Skype account with screen sharing enabled
    • Can include topics such as portfolio review, editing assistance and shooting theory chats
    • BONUS: Includes follow-up help or questions answered via email totalling around 30 minutes.

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  • Half Day Mentoring
  • AU$750Half Day
    • Sunrise or sunset two hour pet photography session, followed by two hour editing session
    • Brisbane location only
      (Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast is $100 extra)
    • Suitable dog model arranged
    • Complimentary copies of my
      e-books Fetching Photos (worth $69) and Dog Shots (worth $59)
    • A licence to use any images you take during the session for self-promotion and portfolio
    • BONUS: Homework review – send through your five best shots from the day and I’ll provide constructive feedback.

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  • Full Day Mentoring
  • AU$1400Full Day
    • Spend a day with me as we shoot two full pet photography sessions and edit the images together
    • Includes pickup/dropoff to accommodation in Brisbane if required and a hearty café lunch
    • Shoots take place at sunrise and sunset with all travel included
    • Suitable dog models arranged
    • May – August only due to sunrise/sunset times, or may be split into two half-days at other times of year
    • Complimentary copies of my
      e-books Fetching Photos (worth $69) and Dog Shots (worth $59)
    • A licence to use any images you take during the session for self-promotion and portfolio
    • BONUS: Homework review – send through your best ten shots from the day and I’ll provide constructive feedback.

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What they’re saying…

  • Putra Adhitama, Melbourne

    "I travelled from Melbourne for the mentoring session with Charlotte and it was well worth it!

    "Charlotte went above and beyond in sharing her photography knowledge, and in the end I was overwhelmed (in a good way!) from the amount of information she kindly shared throughout the mentoring session. Knowing my camera inside out is obviously not enough and it's just the tip of the iceberg.

    "Whether you're a beginner or an expert, if you're thinking to learn about pet photography, a mentoring session with Charlotte is a must and will save you years of self-learning experience."

  • Roslyn Wood, Perth

    "Charlotte clearly has a passion for what she does and I think it is fantastic that she is so willing to share her knowledge with aspiring photographers.

    "The mentoring session was a great mix of technical and practical topics and I definitely feel more confident in using my camera, managing a photo shoot and processing my images. I'm looking forward to applying everything that I learnt to all my photographic work, not just dog photography!"

  • John Muir, Brisbane

    "As anticipated, I took away a HEAP of useful knowledge and techniques from my mentoring session with Charlotte. Charlotte did a fantastic job of tailoring the session to suit my personal interests and experience level. Charlotte’s enthusiasm and clear communication technique made the entire session a highly enjoyable and informative experience that left me wanting to put my new knowledge to the test as soon as possible.

    "From day one following the mentoring session, the quality of my shots and passion for photography improved immensely. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take their pet photography to the next level!"

Book your mentoring session

How it works

  • Fill out the booking form with your preferred session date
  • I’ll get back to you to confirm the time and day
  • I’ll send you a link to sign the agreement, fill out a questionnaire and pay the AU$100 deposit
  • I’ll organise the shoot and choose a dog model suitable for your level, based on your questionnaire answers
  • Turn up to the session and get ready to have a ball shooting and learning!
  • Send through your best shots for review
  • When everything’s wrapped up, I’ll email you a link to fill out a feedback questionnaire for me
  • You’re welcome to book in again anytime!

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