Tip of the Day – Warm it up

Tip of the Day – Warm it up

Image 5 of 5 of Chloe’s Session in the series Creating variety in your pet photography sessions

It’s “before and after” Friday again! (for those of you elsewhere in the world, it’s Friday in Australia so that’s what we’re going with) 😉

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I’m a total sucker for a backlit shot, so when the sun was getting down nice and low to the horizon, I found a good spot in an open area for Chloe to sit so I could backlight her. The bright sunshine was filtered through some trees and bushes in the background but overhead was the wide open sky – important for getting enough light on the shaded side of her.

You’ll see in the SOOC version how cold and blue the white balance of the image is. Since adjusting the white balance of a RAW file does not degrade image quality at all, I leave the white balance adjustments to the editing stage, adjusting by eye, rather than setting it in camera or using a grey card to set a custom white balance while shooting. This is just what suits me and my workflow and I know other photographers may do it differently. I suggest trying every method of setting white balance, to find out what suits you and your workflow.

When editing this image using the Basic sliders in Lightroom, I decreased the Highlights (moved to left), filled the Shadows (moved to right), increased the whites just a little (moved to right) and pulled the blacks down (moved to left). I added a little Clarity and Vibrance and a touch of extra Exposure. Obviously I also warmed up the white balance of the image!

In Photoshop, I tidied up the tear staining on Chloe’s face, dodged (lightened) the white fur of her chest a little to make it nice and white, and removed the big distracting bit of bokeh to her left. Attending to little details like that helps focus the image on the subject.

Canon EOS 1D X, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II @ 200mm, ISO 400, 1/800 sec, f/2.8

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