Tip of the Day – Spot the difference

Tip of the Day – Spot the difference

Image 5 of 5 of Ella’s Session in the series Creating variety in your pet photography sessions

This is it – the very last post of the series! Due to popular demand, next week we are going to be diving into a brand new Tip of the Day series – Action!⠀

For “before and after Friday” this week we have an image that at first glance, might not seem to have been edited very heavily. This is a great example of attention to deal – and how much difference it can make to the final impact.⠀

We discovered this super cool bronze metallic wall on the back of a building while shooting Ella’s Tails of Brisbane session. I love that it matches her colouring so well. I used a wide angle lens at 17mm to include as much of the wall as possible, while shooting close to Ella so she wasn’t too small in the frame.⠀

You’ll see in the original how many leaves were lying around on the ground and how many marks were on the wall. In the final edit, they have all been removed as I felt they were distracting and wanted to keep the attention firmly on Ella, with the wall as a secondary point of interest. It can take time to remove this about of “visual garbage” in Photoshop, but I feel it was worth it!⠀

What do you think, do you agree it makes a difference? Can you spot anything else I did to simplify the image?

Canon EOS 1D X, Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS @ 17mm, ISO 800, 1/800 sec, f/4⠀

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