Creating Variety in Your Dog Photography Sessions

Creating Variety in Your Dog Photography Sessions

One of the things I am asked frequently by aspiring pet photographers, is how to create a wide variety of different types of shots in a dog photography session. It’s easy to fall into the habit of shooting the same set of shots at every session – your safe, easy, “go-to” shots that keep you nicely entrenched in that cosy comfort zone of yours.

Pushing yourself creatively and technically helps you break the boundaries of your safe creative bubble.

I’m going to help you bust out and craft something truly unique!

In this new Tip of the Day series, I’m going to be taking you on a journey back through some of my favourite dog photography sessions, showing a variety of images from each to demonstrate how you can work with the dog to create a unique set of images. There’ll be a special focus on working with light, using the features of the location and getting expression from your subjects – I feel these are the three elements that work together to create amazing dog photos.

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