Mally Muster 2018 “Northern Lights” Photo Booth – Speed Edit

Mally Muster 2018 “Northern Lights” Photo Booth – Speed Edit

In 2018 at the annual Mally Muster fundraising event for Brisbane rescue group Shamroq (Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Queensland), we ran a “Northern Lights” themed photo booth. The Northern Lights backdrop was set up in a white marquee which provided a nice soft diffused natural light, as the day was fine and sunny.

Prior to being sent to Photoshop, these images received basic editing in Lightroom for colour cast correction, shadow and highlight fix ups, colour and contrast adjustments.

In the video you’ll see a selection of shots (we had 20 dogs/groups throughout the day) where additional editing was completed, mostly to merge two or more shots into one. I also performed leash/collar removal, selective lightening and darkening, eye enhancement and various other bits and pieces to bring out the best in these images for the dogs’ owners.

I sped up the edits 6x to give an insight into how much work went into these photos – and just because it’s kind of entertaining to watch!

All money raised from photo sales was donated directly to Shamroq – Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Rescue Organisation of Queensland.

Special thanks to Danni from Happy Flying Dog Photography who helped out on the day with dog wrangling and paperwork.

Some of the final images for your viewing pleasure!

Dive in and get your paws dirty!

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