See how dream shots are made - start to finish.

It’s one thing to read books.

It’s another to remember and apply everything with an excitable Staffy in front of you.

With a camera in your hands, a furry subject that won’t stay still, changing light conditions, and the expectant owner standing nearby – it’s tough to apply everything you’ve learned! Watching RealShoots will help you put all the information together – simply, easily, seamlessly.  (Prepare for everything you’ve learned to make a lot more sense.)

You’ll see in real time:

What to do when you arrive, how to greet the dog, where to begin

How to solve specific problems with specific pets

How to capture expression - not just photos of “a dog” but photos of that exact dog and their unique personality

How to structure a session to get a variety of images, and also respond in real time when things don’t go according to plan

Soft skills like how to talk to and involve owners (even if you’re not a people person)

RealShoots are a complete window into how to run an actual shoot, including all the X factors that reading alone cannot prepare you for.  This is education you can’t get anywhere else!

What students are saying…

  • Episode 1: Rogue at the Beach

    "Charlotte, I loved watching the shooting video, the dog is gorgeous, you were awesome, the images are breathtaking and I feel totally inspired to try out some of the things you did. The guide that accompanies the shoot is great too, as is the post processing video!"

    Craig Bullock, New Zealand

  • Episode 2: Bandit at the Park

    "When it's not feasible to travel half-way around the world to learn from one of the best dog photographers, this training series is the next best thing! The quality of the videos is top notch, and Charlotte talks you through the entire session. The session videos coupled with the editing tutorials show the entire story from setting up the shot and taking the photograph to editing to achieve the final vision."

    Megan Murray, USA

  • Episode 3: Bella at Home

    "Loved the ability to watch the session as it was being photographed and really appreciated the culling process video. Excellent editing video. Charlotte really has an eye not only for photography but also for bringing out the best in the photo. She's enjoyable to watch and listen to and you can tell she really loves what she does. This course is excellent and covers a lot of material!"

    Debby Herold, USA

  • Episode 4: Elli & Freya in the Forest

    "I'm not a great learner when it comes to online courses but seriously Charlotte's courses are the best I have ever seen. They are so great and informative and have helped me improve my photography skills so much!"

    Alicia Ralph, Australia

Every episode includes:

Easy-to-follow, professionally produced education

A two-hour, real life dog photography shoot professionally edited into 25-40 minutes

Get all the gems with none of the down time that makes you want to check Facebook like other video courses you’ve tried

When shots are taken, you’ll see a pop-up with the finished photo and settings used - no guesswork

Two 20-25 minute post-processing tutorials show how to organise and edit the images

A comprehensive companion learning guide PDF to summarise and expand on the video content

A fun quiz to test your knowledge - with trick questions to keep you on your toes!

Access to the full client image gallery - you see the actual results of the shoot

An active discussion area, giving you direct access to ask Charlotte questions and interact with other students

Thanks to handy reminder emails, a majority of students actually mark the course ‘completed.’ No wasted money on education you don’t consume!

Each shooting video is about the length of a TV episode. It will be over before you know it – but each minute is packed with information.

Buy individual episodes, or save and buy them as a bundle!

Episodes 1-7 are currently available.  There will be 10 episodes in the series, to be released between now and June 2018.

Purchase one episode at a time for $99, or buy the complete series now for the introductory price of $590 and receive all ten episodes for $400 off retail (plus additional perks!).  A payment plan will be available in July 2018.

Let's get started!

Dive in and get your paws dirty!

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