Tip of the Day – Long leash

Tip of the Day – Long leash

When it’s impossible for your doggy subjects to be off-leash – perhaps their recall isn’t great, or the law requires it – having alternative options such as a long leash is a must.

But not just any long leash.

This is my favourite one – the EzyDog Track n Train. This 5 metre long leash has a bunch of cool features that make it perfect for using during a photo session. The carbon-coated corrosion resistant fittings means you can get it wet without rusting – even if you leave it in your bag and forget to try it out after a beach session (yes, I’ve done that). It has a full length rubberised grip, helping you (or the owner or assistant) keep hold of it without it burning your hands if it runs through. It has a Traffic Control loop near the collar to give you extra grip when required, and finally the handle is not looped, preventing it from snagging.

I use it either with the owner or assistant holding the end, or the leash can be left to trail on the ground, giving you the ability to grab or stand on it if the dog decides to make a break for it.

There’s always the issue of having to Photoshop out the leash in the resulting images, however, this is a small price to pay for being able to give the dog some freedom to move during the session, while still safely being on leash.

And here’s some situations where a long leash was used during the shoot.

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