Tip of the Day – Ultimate treat bag

Tip of the Day – Ultimate treat bag

Have you been searching for the perfect treat bag for dog photography? I have a bunch of different bags (I actually counted, I’m talking 7. SEVEN!) but by far the most useful and best designed is this one. It’s called the Rapid Rewards Pouch and it’s made by a company called Doggone Good.

Why do I like it so much? It’s like the freakin’ Tardis, that’s why!

Though it doesn’t feel big when you’re wearing it, this thing is super roomy and can fit SO much stuff – treats, toys, noisemakers, poo bags, squeakers. It has a total of 6 separate pockets – including a back zipped pocket I actually didn’t even know was there until I found in today – perfect for holding business cards etc.

I love wearing this bag on shoots when I need to juggle lots of things – different types of treats in separate zip lock bags – multiple noise makers. It saves me having to back into my big bag of goodies constantly to get the things I need. It’s also a great option for storing all your little toys for little dogs for easy access, so they aren’t scattered around through your bag.

You can wear it using the waist belt, or it has a clip on the back to clip it onto whatever belt you’re wearing. The magnetic closure is great too! It’s also available in a bunch of different colours AND can be custom branded to suit your brand!

I quite obviously can’t say enough good things about the Rapid Rewards Pouch so I’ll shut myself off there. You can buy online at www.doggonegoodclickercompany.com.

P.S. My lovely friend Holly from Brindleberry Acres sent me this one all the way from Canada, if you’re there too you might want to get in touch to get yours!⠀

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