Tip of the Day – Keep it interesting

Tip of the Day – Keep it interesting

The last thing you want your photo sessions with your dog to be are routine. If they know that every afternoon at 4pm you’re going to be out in the backyard, asking them to “stay, STAY!” while you point that boring black clicky thing at them AGAIN, expect to be met with resistance.

Think different locations, different times of day, different scenarios. This will also help you to improve your photography and not end up with the same types of shots all the time. Keep it interesting for them and they’ll associate camera times with happy times. Often if you’re using them as a test subject for location scouting, you’ll be achieving that aim simply by taking them to explore new places with you. Every now and then though, take them exploring but leave the camera at home and just fully enjoy your time with them without being in photography mode.

As soon as Opal was old enough to accompany us on adventures, we headed off to explore some new places. I didn’t always take my camera, but when I did, I made sure it was secondary to being truly present with my dogs and taking note of how they interacted with each other and their environment.

I actually like some of the candid images (like this one) better than the posed shots. Not constantly asking them to pose for photos made me come up with creative shot ideas – and made them a lot happier in the process by taking the pressure off so they could explore and just be dogs.

Canon EOS 1D X, Canon EF 135mm ƒ/2L, ISO 1000, 1/1000 sec, ƒ/2⠀

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