Tip of the Day – Be steady and stable

Tip of the Day – Be steady and stable

6 of 10 in the series 10 Tips for Taking Better Action Photos of Dogs

6. Be steady and stable

It may seem obvious or even trivial, but this is such an important step! Holding the camera as steady as possible is instrumental in the success of sharp action photos. The more stable you are, the less chance there is of your aim, focus or ability to follow the action being compromised.

You could:⠀

  • Lie down on your belly facing the action, with your elbows on the ground for stability
  • Sit cross legged with your elbows on your knees or (depending on your flexibility) on the ground in front of you
  • Lie sideways or slightly back with your elbow out wide
  • Brace your shoulder against something solid
  • Use a monopod if the action is not too random – for example – show dogs trotting around the ring⠀

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