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Specialised Daily Tips

Looking for something a little more specialised? You’re in luck! I’ve created some fantastic specialised daily tip series just for you. Each series focuses on a particular theme or area of knowledge.

Note: These tips are not included in the general Tip of the Day series above – they are brand new tips.

I’d recommend subscribing to just one series at a time so you can give the series topic your full attention – we all know that multi tasking isn’t great for absorbing new knowledge. When you complete a series, you’re always welcome to come back and subscribe to a new one.


Creating Variety in Your Dog Photography Sessions

As well as being the spice of life, variety is also what you should be aiming to achieve in your dog photography sessions to wow your clients and increase sales. This series takes you through five real-life sessions and how I created variety in each, using a wide range of different techniques.


10 Tips for Taking Better Action Photos of Dogs

Amazing photos of canines in action aren’t just about getting the right camera settings. There are many more pieces of the puzzle to lock into place! Delve into capturing dogs in action with this comprehensive series covering everything you need to know to obtain sharp, clear and expression-filled action shots!


13 Elements of Composition

Taking your photography up a notch means understanding and using some common, but often overlooked, elements of composition. Ranging from the classic rule of thirds to the more obscure, these tips give you a complete tour, with examples throughout.


12 Tips for Working with Pets and their People

Often we specialise in pet photography because we relate to animals better than people, amIright? There will inevitably come a time when you do need to photograph your furry subject’s humans though. Knowing what to say, how to pose (and when not to) and what settings to use is vital info that you won’t find anywhere else.


5 Essential Items for Pet Photographers

Pet photography is a super specialised field and with that comes specialised equipment and tools of the trade. Find out the five things I just couldn’t live without as a professional pet photographer. Some of them will probably be surprising!


How to Train Your Dog Model

Maybe (like me) your journey into professional pet photography started out with you photographing your own dogs. Also maybe (like me) you found it increasingly tricky to get them to cooperate with having their photo taken. These essential tips will get you back on track with photographing your own dogs, and off on the correct foot when starting fresh with a new muse!


9 Tips for Awesome Urban Sessions

Shooting in urban environments can be challenging. In this series, I take you through some super helpful tips for working in busy locations, finding good places to shoot, working with reduced and complex lighting and minimising clutter and distractions.


10 Tips for Beautiful Black Dogs

Black dogs are just stunning, however they’re not as easy to photograph well as other colours. You’ll be capturing gorgeous shots of black dogs in no time with these ten handy tips, focusing on lighting, choosing backgrounds and dealing with colour casts.


8 Tips for Capturing Cats

Photographing cats and kittens is a whole different game than working with dogs. In some ways, they are easier, but in others, they are so much more challenging! Discover my best tips for successfully capturing amazing shots of cats, working with their individual traits to capture beautiful images focusing on their inherent beauty and unique personalities.

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